Icy fun in the Canadian cold

Québec’s picturesque capital lies not far down from Montreal.
There where the banks of the Saint Lawrence River widen as it approaches the Atlantic.
The city of Québec is one of the oldest European settlements on the continent.  It is often referred to as the most European city outside of Europe.
It is the only North American city outside of Mexico whose fortifications have been preserved. Québec’s cityscape is an example of French-romantic architecture. 

The medium-sized metropolis has been the center of French-Canadian life for over 400 winters. And the annual Quebec Winter Carnival that starts in February  one of the largest and oldest cold weather celebrations in the world.
Thousands of residents and visitors will spend the next 10 days skating. They enjoying night parades, exploring the festival’s ice palace and dressing up for the château’s masquerade ball.

A few will even perform winter tricks, such as the ice canoe race, in which boaters steer specially equipped canoes across the icy Saint Lawrence River.  They occasionally disembarking to carry their ships over huge chunks of ice.

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